18 February 2008

Weekends here

Well it’s Saturday and it’s my chill out day, the carers have just left and tomorrow is there last day, as Mum is so much more independent that she feels she can mange now so decided to cancel the service. People might be thinking why cancel it early on but I see it as a good thing because much is doing 99% of it herself now which shows how much she has improved in such a short space of time. Well Done Mum!!! And thank you to the team of people who have helped her achieve this, without your help Mum might have had to stay in hospital longer.
The carer that came this morning is really funny and it feels like we have known each other for years, but this is mainly due to the fact that I used the same scheme a few years back and as soon as she came to the house, we remembered each other straight away. Anyway she was sorting out the washing up and drying the dishes for us, and then she said shall I show you how to make a chicken out of a tea towel, I thought oh my god you are having a laugh, but no she folded the tea towel a few times and there it was a chicken made from a tea towel, it was so funny. Ah well it’s been good while it lasted! Well Mum is in the kitchen right now and guess what she is facing the right way!!!! Which means I might get a cup of tea?

Sunday was slightly out of the ordinary for us, we woke to a beautiful sunny day and I thought this isn’t bad for the time of year. We waited for the carers to come for the final time and then the day was ours to do what we liked, or so it seemed to start with. I was sat on my computer chatting to a couple of people and writing away and Mum had the TV on then all of a sudden Mum said it looks might black out there, so I wheeled into the kitchen to see what was going on, and low and behold there was the blackest clouds of smoke you have ever seen from the house opposite and within a matter of minutes 3 fire engines were on seen. Luckily everyone was safe and the fire was sorted out.

Last night I went to bed and carried on reading an amazing called Keep on keeping on written by a friend of mine in America, I will talk about this soon. Anyway I got to the point where I could put it down and off I went to sleep

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