29 February 2008

More Holidays with Di and Daniel

August 2007 I had a great holiday with Di and everyone, rather than they come up and visit me, I decided that I would go and stay with them, although this time I made my own travel arrangements, rather than them coming up for me, bit more independence, if you see what I mean. Anyway Di booked the hotel room again for me and I was all set to go down, and I couldn't wait. The day finally arrived and away I went, luckly my friend had a GPS system in there car so it told us exactly where we had to go and we arrived bang on time and straight to the door, no problems. Lauren came out to help me then Di, I made my way on my frame inside the house while Lauren sorted my chair and bag out. I had only just got through the door and I could hear Dan getting excited, Di was cutting his hair in the bathroom, so I popped my head around the door and that was it Daniel was laughing so much he was no more good, it was great to see, then Di carried him into the room and sat him in his comfy armchair and that was him sorted and laughing!!!. His excitement lasted about half an hour and eventually he calmed down, but then I give Di a CD for him of his favourite group STEPS, he loves them.

We all spent the next few days together and we went out and to different places, let me tell you my arms were aching as not used to pushing wheelchair so much, but I really enjoyed our time together and we had good weather. One of the days we went to the park or at least I think it was a park, it was massive mind you Lauren had to help push me some of the way then we went for an ice cream, now this was the best bit as far has Daniel was thinking, not only had he polished off a triffe on the moring while we are the shopping centre but now he was enjoying an ice cream. It truely was and is happy days when I am with them all

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