18 February 2008

Jack in the box

I have come to realise that I have been like a jack in the box waiting to spring open and now its as if the door to the box as been sprung. For years I suppose that I have been masked by my disability without really noticing because at the time I thought this is how it was and therefore didn't know any different because there was nothing to compare it too.Now of course it is different and it dawned on me a while ago when I was told "I'm only treating you as a person" now you might thing well yes you are a person which is correct but what they were meaning was that they saw passed the disability and lot a lot of people do other than close friends and family of course. Now it's as if I have forgot that I am disabled and therefore the real me is starting to emerge like a jack in the box I have been set free so to speak.

Mind you its taking some getting used too because I am used too proving to people that my disability doesn't stop me from doing things and it being a constant battle in the process but now it seems I am wining the battle I am climbing to the top of the ladder, instead of taking one step forward and then 10 back

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