18 February 2008

Mum doing ok

Well by the second day Mum was out of bed and sat in the chair to my great surprise, and it was great to see as I wasn't expecting it this quick. We went from strength to strength from that day, everyday I visited and I could see a big change.

After the weekend I had an access visit to our house from Occupational Therapy, so that they could assess things for Mum coming home. We are quite luck because the house has been adapted for me, so the assessment didn't take long and I knew that everything was going to be fine for her to home.

Sure enough 1 week to the day of the operation Mum finally came home and we were back together again. The home care service was put in place straight away, which was a great help to both of us, because I wasn't sure how much Mum could do. We have this care package for 6 weeks everyday up to 4 times a day to help Mum gain her independence with support from the fully team of carers and therapists.

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