18 February 2008

Retro Games

Those were the day’s electronic games like Grandstand Munchman, now that was my favourite game and I still having the game now and it works very well. For those of you reading this, who are not sure what I am talking about, it is an electronic game similar to today’s packman, in fact I think it was the munchman that came to be know as packman. Then there was Scramble which was a space game where you had to destroy the aliens, I liked that one because there were different levels to the game and each level was different.

Following those games I then progressed to the Atari System and I had loads of different games for that, I think my favourite back then was crystal castles, and as you can probably tell it was an adventure game. After the Atari I progressed to the ZX Spectrum and this was my first real computer I had, I can remember playing on it with my cousin when I stayed there, and I used to enjoy watching him play some of the games as our particular favourite was Cyclone where you had to fly around the island searching and collecting certain objects. When my cousin grew out of the computer he gave it to me with all the games he had, I loved it for many years.

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