18 February 2008

Lift out of use

I then went off to work in my wheelchair accessible taxi which I have to say was on the drive when the ambulance came and they looked a bit daft because I just wheeled in and I was done, and there’s a brand new ambulance and it didn’t really function for wheelchairs. This is when my nightmare started, happily unloading at work and up I go to the lift which takes me to the office, only to find it wasn’t working so I rang the security office and told them, luckily my driver was still there so I just had to come back home till it was fixed. The next morning I got a call to say it was fixed hooray, I went to work as normal that day and all went well, Wednesday was ok too, but then my luck ended because on the Thursday, I went out to go for lunch and bang it wasn’t working again. Thankfully my colleague went to get me some lunch while we waiting for the engineer to come and fix it.

2pm came and it was getting close to me going home, still no sign of them so I had to be carried out in the Evac chair, which let me tell you I don’t like as it so uncomfortable and hurts my back, but least I got out and into my taxi safely. I hope they fix it soon.

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