18 February 2008

Retail Therapy

Well what a fun few days I have had I have exchanged my physio for some retail therapy. All was going well when I finished work last Tuesday till I got home and my telly had a bright yellow screen the next thing it went all together right in the middle of Emmerdale luckily we have another telly in my room, although not as good as my main one. The next morning I went shopping off with some friends and came back with a flat screen TV and wow its like being in the pictures now so was well happy. Then over the weekend I has happily on my computer chatting to a few friends on MSN and there was a rather loud bang which made me jump and low and behold it was my computer speakers, so going to have to see what I can buy. When town to Stockton Town Centre today had some lunch out and bought some new clothes in M&S so have had a good few days off work but looking forward to going back

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