13 July 2013

Breakthrough in Stem Cell Research

Recent research has resulted in a bakthrough, with a team in Germany successfully treating a child with cerebral palsy. The young boy, referred to as L.B, had been in a continuous vegetative state since suffering a cardiac arrest in November 2008.

Paralysed with severe brain damage and in a vegetative state, L.B. and his parents believed that his chances of survival were minimal. Up to then, doctors believed his infantile cerebral palsy was untreatable, with hopes founded on finding a way to manage his condition.

However, his parents began an extensive search to find possible treatments which may improve his chances of survival; this led to them contacting Dr Arne Jenson regarding his advancements in stem cell treatments.
Using their son’s umbilical cord blood, frozen at his birth, doctors administered the altered stem cell version of his blood, directly back into his veins and studied the changes in his brain cells. Belief being that the stem cells would migrate and repair the damaged bran tissue.

In the months following his treatment, L.B’s symptoms improved drastically; his muscle spasticity decreased significantly, with further improvements in his speech and movements. Further along his treatment, it is reported that L.B. is able to eat without assistance, speak in small sentences and with help walk.

This new research will give hope to those suffering from Cerebral Palsy and their families. However, pioneering treatments such as these can often come with associated costs, especially as overseas travel may be involved. Making a claim for cerebral palsy compensation can help alleviate any financial pressure, allowing families to invest in a chance at recovery.

If a child suffering from cerebral palsy, experienced avoidable medical negligence during their birth, then the hospital involved may be liable to cover the cost of their continuing care. For more information visit http://www.asons.co.uk or call 01204 521 133.

Research by: Dr Arne Jensen and his colleague Professor Eckard Hamelmann of the Department of Paediatrics at the Catholic Hospital Bochum, their success is reported in the journal ’Case Reports in Transplantation’.

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