18 February 2008

So relaxed

Well its Sunday, I'm listening to the Scissor Sisters on the radio while I'm writing this. Today I am feeling really well, and muscles are so relaxed to the point now that while I'm sitting here I have a full bend on my knee "a normal" bend you could say I would say by looking at it without measuring it with one of those gadgets that Physio's use to measure it would be at 90 degrees or if not it's very close to it wish I could remember the name of those gadgets. Ah I've remembered what they call those devices it's a goniometer.

I'm chill'n out listening to radio and reading my stars. I don't usually read them I have to say but for some reason it court my eye. Scorpio You should be feeling strong as events at the start of the month have given you the confidence to know just what you can and cannot expect. I have to say with everything that has been happening it fits me exactly at the moment.

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