18 February 2008

Thumbs up to Marks and Spencer

Well its Bank Holiday again and as its Britain the weather is raining and cold but I braved the weather yesterday and went off to M&S on Teesside Park for some well earned retail therapy and brought myself a rather nice jacket I mean you got to look tidy for work and even if I do say it myself I look smart

I went to check out the changing rooms and I was really impressed the room was big enough to take my chair in rather than leaving it outside and when I got in inside it was fully equipped with hand rails all the way around and there was a drop down one next to the seat. I thought it had been well thought out as usually I buy things and try them on at home because there isn't the room. It was nice to be ale to try the clothes on and not have to return them the next day
Lets hope all shops take a leaf out of their book it’s nice that I can shop comfortably the same as everyone else

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