18 February 2008

I have that Friday feeling

Well its Friday and as the saying goes thank crunchie it Friday, I have had a busy week at work not only with work itself but also moved office yesterday so had to pack everything up and up sticks as it were to my new home and today was my first full day in the new surroundings and I really enjoyed it. So much so that now I have my crutches with me I decided to go for a little walk to see how I coped with the carpet and although it was a bit odd at first, I suppressed myself at how far I had got. Who knows by the end of next week I will of got right round the building, that’s if I don’t get lost in the long corridors. Mind you if I do it everyday which is what I am planning to do will see the corridors more like my own athletic track 10,000 metres by the end of the month

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