18 February 2008

A busy week

Well we nearly to the end of another interesting week, why interesting you maybe asking if you’re reading this, well where I start. Last week at work we hosted a continental market in our local high street and it seemed to work well and some of the food I tried was quite nice I have to say.

Then this week as been a bust active week work wise and personal wise, I have managed on quite a few occasions now to walk quite a long way now on my crutches, I seem to be a little off when I first start off, but by the time I have turned around and making my way back I am fine think I have sort of got into the swing of it - ooooo opps you not allowed to swing on crutches but you know what I mean I am still not sure whether I will get away with my crutches full time but I will continue trying as I don’t like to be beaten

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