23 February 2008

Friendships are for life not just for Christmas

Friends are important to me, the same as my family are, in some ways my friends are just an extended part of my family, and theres one such family, that hare part of my life and this wonderful friendship started not long after I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. I started to look on the web for information connecting scoliosis and cerebral palsy, and at the time I couldnt find much information. I then decided to look on the discussion forum that was part of the Scope website.

There were lots of messages in there but nothing that I could see about scoliosis, so I decided to join up and post my own message and see if I got any response, I had nothing to loose and just maybe someone might come forward.

To my joy I had had a reply from a lady (Di) who's son Daniel had CP and scoliosis, and had gone through the surgery I was waiting for, I thought wow my prays have been answered, so I replied straightaway, and this is were the friendship started. We sent each other emails and chatted about her son's experiences and I started to feel comfortable about what I was going to face. Once I had got her email, I decided to add it to my messenger on the off chance she might also have messenger and we could engage in live chat, then one Saturday I noticed her email address sign in and I was so pleased, it was great to be able to chat to each other like this and we became great friends and still are. I had lots of questions and some of them Di answered through her own experiences with her son, and gave me some tips for while I was in hospital which was great.

My surgery date came and I knew I wouldn't beable to chat to Di which I was a bit upset about, but I knew our friendship would hold and it sure did, because not only did Di write to me but she rang the ward regularly to see how I was doing ? and then some nights she would ring home and talk to mum, this helped mum a lot becuase it was a stressful time for her but at least she had comfort in talking to Di and knowing that I was going to come out on top like her son did. Di's son Daniel had had the spinal surgery the year before me.

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