18 February 2008

Feeling a bit rough

Well it's Saturday and I'm feeling a little bit rough at the moment after having a nerve removed at the dentist so as I'm typing this my face is all numb don't know what I will be like when it starts to wear off but we will see. Anyway it's the end of my first week back at work and I have really enjoyed being back while I was on my Christmas leave I decided that one of New Years resolutions would be to see if I could manage to walk to our Town Hall when we next had a meeting in there. Now the Town Hall is not really that far from my office but in terms of me walking it could be seen as quite a distance.

So while I was having a break this week I decided to see how far I could get, on this particular day we didn't have a market on so the area was clear for me to try, off I went and apart from a few people stopping me to say that I was doing well, and it was nice to see me up and about I had actually managed to walk half way and come back without any problem and I felt really good and pleased with myself that I had got that far. Next week I'm going to see if I can walk the whole distance so watch this space and I will be reporting back. I feel this is going to be a great year for me I can feel myself getting stronger all the time to the point at the moment I feel that I have lost my disability some what, what I mean by that is I have achieved so much recently most of it

I thought I might not do and I feel that if I put my mind into gear I can do what I want to do. Since getting my new frame I am so much now flexible and mentally I am stronger and seem to be gaining more and more confidence to do more physically and because I seem to be able to do more it sort of feels more normal whatever normal is. The way I feel is maybe how non disabled people feel all the time if it is its great!!!!!!! In fact as I'm sat at my computer writing this Elton John's song I'm Still Standing

Well the effect of the dentist is starting to wear off so now I can have a nice cup of tea without needing a straw. Well so far so good haven't got that much pain at the moment which I'm pleased about. Anyway I have been doodling writing a poem while listening to the radio it's only a few lines and I have decided to call it Meet my friend Disability so here is what I have put together

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