18 February 2008

Conductive Education

Earlier in my story I mentioned about Conductive education as a possible reason for the major changes since I started using my frame. The more I read about it the more I am sure that I have found the reason and solution for my vast improvement and continued improvement. The way I see it is with the frame I am doing the same movement all of the time to walk and the more I do it the more automatic it has become and therefore my brain has become switched on to this consistent movement because it doesn't alter at all and there is not a different way I can do it. There fore my brain has got no choice really if I want to walk then I have to do it this way and the message has got to go down the nureopathway that is there and not divert if you see what I mean.

The link below explains it perfectly and I agree with it every step of the way because I can say that my brain has rewired itselfHow Does Conductive Education Work? It is like my brain has been a huge maze with lots of twists and turns and dead ends so to speak, but now it’s as if those twists and turns have linked up and bridged the gap and now I can follow the correct nueropathway

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