18 February 2008

Shoulder Problems

Just when I thought I was in the clear, I get hit by a frozen shoulder. These I am used to well, with my left arm but trust me to be different this time it’s my right arm. Anyway I went to see my Consultant who gave me a cortisone injection, the perfect cure in my opinion and it was going to be a case of letting it thaw out. Then last week I was just watching the TV as you do and I just happened to move my arm and there was a big cracking sound, so much so that even Mum jumped but the great thing was the pain seemed to disappear in a matter of minutes.

So far so good or so I thought!!! Thursday I was getting ready to go home from work and I moved my arm and the next thing I knew my arm felt as if it had come out of the socket so 999 was called and the Paramedics came to the rescue and manipulated it back in it was painful let me tell you. On a positive note mind I was really pleased that it didn’t develop into a muscle spasm because that would of just made the situation a whole lot worse, so it is proving to me that I am gaining control back.

Today I went back to see the Consultant who has checked everything out and my shoulder is ok the muscles are weak but not damaged which I was pleased about. The course of action now is to try and stop my muscle relaxant medication for a while and start with some Physio to try and build up my muscles around my shoulders and then go and see the Consultant in a couple of weeks

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