18 February 2008

Do you think your Cerebral Palsy has worsened as you have got older?

Aging and Cerebral Palsy: Most treatment and research programs concern children with CP and little research has so far been done on aging with a disability. CP affects individuals in different ways and it is hard to generalise about the effects of aging. Although people with cerebral palsy are considered to have a normal life span, the physical challenges of CP may intensify with age (such as increased spasticity, fatigue, loss of strength and declining mobility), and these physical challenges can in turn lead to increased stress and anxiety. Adults with cerebral palsy may consider a number of strategies to cope with the effects of aging.

This has always been a hard thing for me to answer because I don't really know the answer I am not sure if it’s when we get older it becomes generally hard to do things or whether in fact it is the Cerebral Palsy that is becoming harder to manage and therefore making things harder. I am 33 now and although things have been hard over the years I have had many surgeries and that has made things a lot easier for me and improved my independence this far

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