18 February 2008


Well it's been a week for me without my chair and it feels great. Yesterday was another great session for me. My walking is improving all the time and to begin with I had my passive movement therapy which allows my Physio to check my range of movement and I have got to say it seemed to be better than it has been for a long time, my hip movement has vastly improved. I now have to practise an exercise with my straight leg to try and lift it off the bed. This is something I have never been able to do because my leg has always been weak and I have never real had to lift it in the correct way before. The reason being that I have always had to walk by lifting (hitching) it and swinging it through when walking so therefore twisting trunk to do it. I now can't twist because of my spine, so I have to learn how to do it with just my leg, which is hard because the muscles are weak, but I know in time I will do it. Following the treatment I then moved onto my crutches and walked through to the gym and onto the bars to do some work in standing. I know I will get the strength in time because I am determined and once I have learnt the movement and get into the habit of doing it will be easy I'm sure. It's just a case of getting the technique right.

The next thing that we will be working on is to find a way of getting from the floor back to either a chair and or standing in the event that I fall. This is something that is going to need planning and working on by both my physio and me. It is something that is going be of great help to me, not that I plan to fall but if in the event I do I know that I can get back up although we both know it's going to take some working out with my back and leg being fused. Although I know we will find a way then once we do it will be a case of practicing it

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