18 February 2008

First time going to the West End London

It was coming up to my thirteenth birthday (now that’s going back a bit!!!) and in the charts at the time was Any dream will do by Jason Donovan, in association with Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, which had just hit the West End starring Jason Donovan. I remember asking my Mum and Dad if we could go to London to see this, and they said we will see, time went on and they thought I had forgot about it and then my night before my birthday I was getting excited and Mum said you best go to bed early tonight you have a busy day tomorrow.

The next morning Mum got me up early and said Happy Birthday you better get ready quick the taxi will be here soon. I said “why where we going” and she said it’s a surprise, I then asked Dad the same and he wouldn’t say. The taxi arrived and we loaded everything went down to the High Street, there was a big coach parked up and people were boarding with suitcases. We got out of the taxi and Dad helped me onto the coach and it said “London and the West End” I got so excited we were off to London to see the show I couldn’t believe it.

We eventually arrived in London and it seemed a long time we had been travelling but we were in London now and were allowed to get off the coach for a while to have a walk around the shops. Mum and I were in our element; Dad wasn’t that bothered about shops but came anyway.

We finally hit the hotel and we spent a little time resting and then got changed for dinner, and ready for the show, we boarded the coach the show music playing and we were off. Mum and I were getting excited but I could tell by the look on Dad’s face he wasn’t really looking forward to it not his cup of tea.

Anyway we arrived at the theatre and we were told to follow the staff at the entrance as they were waiting for us, I thought we most of been royalty but no it was so they could help us in my wheelchair. We entered the theatre and WOW is all I could say, this was the first time I had been in a theatre. Dad pushed me to my seat and to my major excitement, we were the first people in and Jason Donovan of all people was down near the stage practicing before the show. I couldn’t contain my excitement and I asked Dad to push me to my seat so that I could stand and hold the seat so I could see him, and once we were settled Jason spoke to me and then waved as he went off to get ready for the performance.

We watched as the theatre started to fill up and I sent Dad off to buy me a programme, which I still have. Then the show started and in true Susie style I jumped a mile because of the loud music and sounds, but after a while I settled down Dad had his eye on me then the show got in to full flow and it was the best show I had ever seen (mind you it was the first one so I had nothing at the time to compare it too) we all stood at the end including me and gave them a standing ovation. To my surprise Dad really enjoyed it more than I thought he would.

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