18 February 2008

Wacky Races

Mum is doing really good from a mobility point, but we are having a few down days at the moment, which is understandable and we are dealing with the phantom pains they seem to be getting less, although it depends from day to day.

It's like wacky races in the house now when we both in our chairs can be funny at times, its like 1 wheel forward and 2 back, we have now had our first week at home and I think we are doing well. On Sunday we did a curry together which was nice although we were both tired after it. Although Mum gets tired quickly I think she has managed the wheelchair really well, turns better than me at times.

Healing well
Well Mum has been home now for 2 weeks and everything seems to be healing well or it seems to be. The pain still seems quite a lot still so I am hoping as things settle down, the pain will start to go. Mum is doing well and even the carers can see a difference in her, I see a difference but not as much as they do because I see it every day, but because we have a number of different carers coming in and out they can see it.

Considering the ulcer was very severe it is amazing how well things are healing up now, it gives hope for when the therapy programme starts. Who knows we might go together, me at one end of the bars and Mum at the other. Tomorrow we go back to see the Consultant so we are hoping that he will be pleased as to how things are healing also, Mum is hoping that she will be signed off from seeing him, although we will have to wait and see.

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