23 February 2008

Meeting up

Di was married to Steve and they have three children, Daniel who is the oldest, then Christopher and Lauren. My friendship with Di and her family flurshed and we chatted more on messenger when I got home but only for short bursts at first because I couldn't sit for long, but that improved and before long we decided to connect with the webcam and it was great to finally meet everyone, it was a bit strange at first but we soon got the hang of it, then after a period of time Di rang me to say we have booked in a travel lodge close to you because we feel its time that we met for real, well I jumped at the chance I was so excited and Mum was happy too becuase they were part of our family. The day finally came and the weather was pretty good, we just waited for the call to say they had landed and then Mum was going up to the lodge to meet them and let them follow her to our house. I sat at home and waited.

Then I saw this big van pulling up and Mum behind then I saw the lift coming down and they were here, out jumped there other 2 children from the side of the van and then Di was bring her other son down on the lift in his chair, got him down and sent it back for her husband who is also in a wheelchair, this was going to be fun to say the least 3 wheelchairs in the house, Mum looked a bit worried we weren't all going to fit in the front room, but we did.

It was so nice to finally meet up, we chatted laughed and chatted some more and it was great, then Di lifted Daniel out of his chair and laided him on the sofa for a while so he could stretch out a bit and I remember Mum was sitting at one end of the sofa and he was laid in the corner bit and I think he was exicted to say the least because he was quite vocal and kept moving his head around to find Mum. Then after a while Di put him back in his chair and sorted him out, and I said to him are you hungry mate, he stuck his tounge out which means Yes so we all got sorted out and got loaded into the van I travelled with them in the van which was great! Mum drove and we followed back to the hotel and we went into the restaurant to eat. Mum decided that as it was my night that she would go and visit her friends and come back and pick me up when I was ready.

After the meal at we all went into the play area and Daniel and I watched Chris and Lauren jump about and then we all went back to the their room for a bit of a rest and to chat more. We had to organise things in terms of chairs as there wasn't a lot of room, but we were soon settled having a cup of tea and chatting.

I was having a great time and then I rung Mum to come and collect me and Mum spent a bit of time in the room with everyone and then we made our way home and Di said, it's been really nice to meet up and we must do it again and believe me we have done

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