18 February 2008

Interesting Question

Here is an interesting question I have been asked by a friend of mine to which I am not sure of the answer, Their question was

"Does Cerebral Palsy get worse as you get older?"

Well, this is something I get asked a lot whether it's because I am 33 now and have lived with it and have gained experiences, or whether its a parent asking about what the future holds for there child or children I don't know.I will try and give my explanation to the question though and if anyone has any thoughts on this please add your comments. Anyway here goes since starting up my website I have read lots of information on the web and books and everything that I have read all says that it is a non progressive disorder which in layman terms means it doesn't get any worse.

This I have always wondered about because the things I did as a child like running on my crutches or swinging through my frame, I would find quite hard to do now. It also goes the other way the things I am doing now, like walking, balancing, moving limbs I would of struggled as a childI have asked the same question to Physio's and not had a definite answer and I think its because they don’t really know because we are all different. Over the years I have thought is it because we get old generally so therefore things become harder as a consequence anyway or is it the Cerebral Palsy is changing making it harder to do what we used too. More recently I am more lead to believe that it could just be down to us getting older, because my point of view my own CP has vastly improved.

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