18 February 2008

Feeling Great

Well I finally did it my physio session went fantastic today, I have just got back, Today was the day to find out whether I was stable enough to use elbow crutches whilst at work, and my Manager came along to witness my achievement. and guess what I am stable and ready to go!!!! First of all my physio did some passive movements with me and my knee bend on my good leg is the best it has ever been, all thanks to the reciprocal walker. When we progressed to the stairs which again I coped with really well got a little stuck but then we realised that it was because I had my trainers on rather than my boots.

Therefore my ankle has not as much support as it would normally. Although I still did it, when I proceeded to go for a walk and this was the first time my manager had seen me walking with them, beg your pardon running with them. It was like I have said before like I was walking with nothing like I couldn't feel my feet on the floor (no carpet) although we all walked out of the gym together and onto the carpeted area and it felt a lot better.The next big thing I wanted to show that I was able to do is to get off the floor if I fell and although it had been a few weeks since I had done this I did manage it again but it took a few minutes for my Physio and I to work out how I had done it in the first place. I am now proved to myself and my manager that I am safe as houses or should that be crutches so much so I can now start using my crutches so as from tomorrow here's my own race for life

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