18 February 2008


My first experience of going abroad what when I went to the Costa del Sol, can't remember exactly how old I was about 7ish. We flew with Britannia and that in itself was very daunting as I had never been on a plane before Anyway at the time I was in my pushchair Maclaren type, I was fine as we went across the tarmac but as we cot closer to the plane I didn’t like it too noisy. We boarded the plane and I was ok in amazement with all the lights and the comings and goings of the people. We finally arrived at our destination and it was great, we had a ground floor apartment and we were close to the swimming pool so I was happy as I loved swimming although wasn't keen on the cold water at first.

I must admit I preferred the sea was much warmer. I remember going in to the sea with my parents but I wouldn’t go in unless I had my shoes on, and that was because there were urchins with lots of black spikes and didn’t want to get them in my feet. We were there for 2 whole weeks and had a great time. As if things couldn’t get better on the way home I was allowed to go and sit in the cockpit and see the captain, I have never seen so many lights and switches lol and the views clouds and more clouds. When the stewards came round with the trolley I bought a model of the plane as a memory of my first time flying and I still have the model to this day

Following my first holiday success we decided to try a new holiday destination so off to the travel agents we went to see if we could find a suitable place that was reasonably flat because by now I was using a wheelchair rather than my buggy. After a bit of time the agent came up with Majorca in the resort of Calla Millor and Calla Bona and looking at the brochure it looked perfect.The travel agent organised for me to have assistance onto the plane when we got to the airport because I couldn't walk up the steps and when we got to the airport the people were there to help us. Once we had all checked in we were taken from the departure lounge and onto boarding the plane, although I can't remember if we went by mini bus to the plane or weather we just went across the tarmac, but either way we boarded the plane before all the other passengers. It was like I was royalty being allowed to board first and the staff welcomed us onboard, then everyone else started to board and it was all systems go.

This time through rather than being scared like the first time I was excited. When we got to our destination we had assistance also off the plane and to the coach to take us to our apartment. I can remember while we were travelling on the coach my Granddad was looking out of the window and said I didn't know there was a Wimpey Bar out here. When I looked I laughed and said no it's Whimpey the Builders it’s a building site not the burger restaurant! We had a great time for 2 weeks I went swimming both in the pool that we were allowed to use in the hotel next to us and in the sea. I still preferred the sea because it was much warmer and My Dad bought me a Lilo so that I could lay on it when I got tired, although that was it now I didn't want to come out of the sea, it was like I was surfing the waves. Mind you I didn't like it when I swallowed some water.

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