22 February 2008

Never under estimate the impact that you have on someones life

"Never under estimate the impact that you have on someones life" Tim Wambach - This is in Tim's book and I couldn't agree more with what he says. It is only after a period of time when you can take stock of your life that you realise the impact someone and or certain people have on your life.

This is never so true as when Scoliosis and my friend Simone came into my life. Simone lives in Spain and she was the first person that I connected with. After I was diagnosed with the condition I went straight to the net to search for information, over a couple of days I came across a message thread that caught my eye and I wanted to know more, I sent her an email and there the friendship started. Simone was a great help to me not only did she have Scoliosis but she had gone through the surgery that I wwas waiting for. We chatted a lot by email and it helped me understand what I was about to face, not only did Simone help me but over time we chatted daily and still do to this day (5 years on) we helped each other through the good days and the bad ones, on my bad days I leaned on her and vice versa. We have our laughs and moans but I can honestly say our friendship today is as strong if not stonger than it ever was, even though she lives in Spain when we chat its as if we are in the same room, and therefore doesn't matter where in the world we are, we will always be side by side.

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