18 February 2008

Back to the future as of now - Keep on Keeping on

Last year my friend introduced me to MySpace as she knew I liked to connect with people and help others by sharing my own life experiences. I am so glad she did introduce me because I started to connect with others, and made some friends along the way. One friend in particular I connected with was Tim his profile was called Keep on Keeping on and it caught my eye. I read the story and I thought yes this is the type of person who is on the same wave length as me, I sent him and email and added him to my contacts, and before long we were connecting and it was great. We are still great friends today.

We chatted and he was telling me about his friend Mikey B (how he was more like a brother to him) and how he and Mikey his brother David and his family gelled with him and made him part of the family. Not long after Tim told me about a book that he had wrote with the help of Mikey, about how he and Mikey came into each others life. I was interested to find out more and couldn’t wait to read it.

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