18 February 2008

Pains and jokes along the way

Mum is still suffering with the phantom pains and some days they are really bad, over last couple of days the Dr has increased the medication, so hopefully they will help. Mum quite enjoyed her first session at the physio group; she came home and flaked out in the armchair. Things seemed to go well from there; mum seems to be doing more and more which is great. Sunday dinners are great I have to say, we are a great team, the bits I can’t do Mum does and the bits she can’t do I do.

We have a standing joke in the kitchen now, with the way our kitchen is layout out when you come through the door the fridge for example is on the left side and the door would open out onto yourself, if you see what I mean. This means that you would have to go to the end of the kitchen and turn around to face the right way so to speak. My room goes onto the kitchen and a lot of the time I can wheel into the kitchen quite easily, so we say if we want a drink Mum will say you are at the right end so you can get the milk!!! I reply ok it’s your end for the kettle, and between us we finally get a cup of tea. It’s like me to you, you to me.

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