18 February 2008

Major Improvement beyond believe

Well like I said I couldn't wait for Monday and was it worth the wait, I just about amazed everyone in the department even my Consultant. I walked into the room and my Physio could believe how good I was walking. After we had had a discussion about it she checked out passively the movement of my hip, the last time I saw her I was really really tight but not this time, in fact she was shocked at the difference it was moving freely which is something that has never happened.

So much so that she went to get one of the other Physio's who has also seen me for one session to see if they could feel the difference and wow was the remark that's amazing what's happened? I said nothing I have done nothing different other than use the new frame. Well that was it I had dumb struck them both.We all then went into the gym, and as you know from the rest of my blog I enjoy using the gym. I virtually ran to the bars it was unreal. Then the fun started, my Physio presented me with 2 walking sticks, but rather than stand them on the floor to walk with they were put out in front of me like having the bars either side of me and then I had to walk towards her. I set off a bit hard at first then had a few more goes and seemed to go ok. Then we decided ok that's it time to try the crutches, I smiled and waited, this is what I have wanted to do for a long time.

Well that was it my Physio supported me from behind and the other Physio that was with us give slight support from the side, but nevertheless we were off it was if I was walking again holding nothing at all, didn't even feel like I was putting any weight through the crutches, before I knew it I had walked to the end of the gym and turned around and was heading for the stairs.My next task I wanted to try was the stairs, you may recall reading an earlier entry about how I have been able to step up and down on a step, this time I wanted to try the actual stairs. With the help of both Physios’ I started off managed the first step that was not too bad then before I knew it I had got to the top and had turned and was coming down.

Then I took off again with the crutches across the gym to the bed.My Physio then went off in search for my Orthopaedic Surgeon, who I have know from many many years, to let him see me in action, and he was so pleased.My Physio could not believe what was happening, "I can't work it out, I don't have an answer for it yet, but I'm going to post to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website to see if anyone had experienced the same" "It must have something to do with the nueropathways connecting because you are walking in a more normal gait pattern it is opening up new pathways allowing the messages to get through" "It is also surprising because you have the metal rod in your spine so therefore you don't have as much rotation, if any, therefore it should have been difficult for you to walk with this type of frame, although obviously its not" I replied I bet my sitting ability on the ball will of improved, it will be interesting to see can we try it next timeI am going back next week for some treatment to help strengthen my quad muscles and improve my walking ability.

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