18 February 2008

Day of the operation

I rang the hospital on the morning to find out when Mum was going down and Mum came to the phone and we chatted for a few minutes, this was nice and I think it calmed us both. Then I tried to keep myself occupied with work and rung again at 12 and she had just left, so I knew it would be a while, time felt as if it was dragging and then I rang the ward again about 3 and she had come back and had gone through to the Surgical Observation Ward, I asked if I was allowed to come and see her, and they said of "course she is sat up wake but a bit tired".

Mum had had a special spinal injection so she didn't have to be put to sleep for the operation, which was much better for her because of her health problems. I jumped into a taxi and off I went. I was really surprised how awake she was when I got there, but nodding off to sleep, I stayed a while and then came home happy that she came through it ok.

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