18 February 2008


Malta, now that was an amazing place and we were getting more adventurous as the years went by, we all went as a family and I really liked this country, we were also getting used to the organising routine and could do it with our eyes closed. I was a lot older when we went to Malta so was able to tolerate the heat better and cope with the day excursions we did. The only problem we had was when we got to the apartment it was late at night when we arrived so it wasn't till the next morning that we really saw what it was like, it was like one of those holidays from hell that you see on the TV thinking that will never happen to you.

Believe me it did the apartment was that small I couldn’t even sit in my wheelchair and when Granddad pulled his bed out in the room he head was virtually in the gas oven. When you went into the bedroom and looked out of the window it was like you were in a tunnel and all you could see was drainpipes for miles. We didn't unpack the cases even just slept where we where, but the next morning we went down to reception and complained and thankfully they moved us and boy did they move us to something bigger and better, it was like a palace compared to where we were. I could whizz up and down the corridors to all the rooms in my chair it was like doing the 100M every day and the rooms where big, so we thought mmmm think we can unpack now.

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