18 February 2008

I can sit on a normal chair

Well it has been a while since I have wrote but it's because I have been busy and now I feel I can sit down here and talk about what's been happening. Firstly I just happened to turn the TV on yesterday and the Secret Garden was on right at the point of where Colin stands for the very first time, and in a way that is how I feel my life is like now, I am discovering new things happening to me all the time. I managed for the first time in a long time to sit on a normal chair for the entire length of my meeting at work which was about an hour last week and I felt really good. I was quite pleased that I had managed to maintain control, if I had tried that before I had had my back surgery then I would have slid from the chair but now I can sit and hold my head up high!!!! and now I have continued to use a normal chair as much as I can gives me a bigger sense of freedom in the office.

Walking on
well what a good week I have had mobility wise, I have now managed to totally accept the carport in my office at work and now I am well away on my crutches not quite running but now far from it and I don't feel as stiff as I used to, ok I can feel the odd little click in my back sometimes but other than that it's nice to be able to move. I am also working on my balance in the hope that I might one day soon be able to walk unaided, who knows anything is possible I say!!!

What a great week

Well what a great week I have had, work has been busy as you can imagine lots of organising to be done for all the events we have got on in next few weeks to months. What made it busier was I have been madly sorting things as I am going away for a few days next week. Also this week I have been travelling to work happier than ever you may ask why ? well I will tell you, I managed to find a local taxi firm that has a wheelchair accessible taxi and therefore it has been fantastic to be able to travel in my chair for the first time in my working life

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