18 February 2008

Childhood memories

Anyway let me see if I can remember all I was wanting to write about, Lego was my favourite toys of all time from an early age, I could be left to be creative I could make what I wanted too and it was great physiotherapy for me also, but I probably didn’t realise it at the time. I had boxes and boxes of it and on a weekend I used to get it all out and Dad and I used to make a huge model a different one each week it was great because we had no instructions to follow just our imagination. I can even remember joining the Lego fan club and Mum and Dad decided to book a holiday to Denmark the home of Lego, I was so excited all those blocks. Unfortunately we had to cancel it because my Grandma had passed away a few days before we were due to go, it was so sad.

I collected a range of the different models and it grew as I got older, I would make planes, houses, fire stations you name it I would have a go, I remember while Mum was helping out her friend in the local corner shop, she saved me these boxes with little draws in, this was great because I could sort them into colours. The next memory I had was when I was at Summerhouse School, in the juniors, we had a huge box of Lego I think it had been brought in by one of the teachers. I was in my element and on a lunchtime or break I would sit on the carpet and happily play. One of my good friends David who used to love to draw and be creative, decided on time to come and help, and over a few days we had built our very own little town.
The next memory I have of Lego is going back to when Mark Curry was a presenter on Blue Peter and they were doing a feature on Lego, and there were some huge models in the studio, and he accidentally knocking the head off a man made of Lego

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