18 February 2008

Happy Easter

Well its Good Friday and what an interesting week I have had at work, my first full week in my new office and I have been holding the fought as it were due to Manager been on holiday, I have got to say I think I have managed quite well and enjoyed the challenge. Over the last couple of days I have chilled out and today so far as been nice as spending some quality time with Mum and not rushing around, the sun is out and its lovely its been 3 days running now so maybe Summers come early This week just happened to be watching the Home and health channel and a documentary came on Surgery Saved My Life and it was about 2 children who had scoliosis and underwent surgery so I had to watch it as ever since I had my operation I have always been interested in how the rods were put in and now watching that it has given me an insight. It was an amazing program and the results were fantastic and made such a difference to the children, gave them their life back.

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