18 February 2008

How do we solve a problem like Susie

From the title of this entry you probably be thinking I had been watching the show on the BBC to find the next person to play Joseph in the West-end. And to a certain degree you would be right in thinking this, although it sort of came to me on Friday after I went to see my Physio because of a fall I had on Thursday, don't worry I'm fine! but once I had been checked over we got talking as we always do me asking questions again about the new things that are happening too me with my Physio. It's a bit like as new things happen it’s like I present the hospital with new problems to solve

We are 100% certain that since having my new frame I have been doing my own Conductive Education and I take my hat off to the founder of this as it's great. My planned program for the next three months is to continue to work hard with my frame and with my crutches if I can (although doesn't feel quite right with them, thinking it might be the base isn't as big compared with frame) and then go back and work on opening more pathways

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