18 February 2008

Physio getting better

Well today again had another great session was a little bit stiff today but we put it down to it being really cold today. That cold in fact we have had rain and sleety snow all day on and off. Anyway it went well all the same, firstly spend time in the bars on the wobble cushion, I really don’t like that cushion let me tell you. I think it is because the cushion is not as wide as my usual gait pattern when standing, which means that when I am standing on the cushion I have to bring my feet closer together which then in turn challenges my balance and I have to rethink my position to be able to stay on.

Them went for a walk with my crutches in the gym one end to the other and then turned towards the bed. My Physio wanted to check my range of movement and although my hip was great my knee was a bit stiff.I then tried some new exercises with a set of dumbbells and wow were they heavy at first but once I got used to the weight I was away and managed 30 chest presses and 30 wing presses, to help build my upper body strength. We then followed with some sitting balance exercises lifting my arms above head out to side etc this I found a little hard at first but once I got used to it I coped reasonably well with it. We then carried on with my walking and some exercises while in standing which I need to work on as always

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