18 February 2008

Feeling a bit off still

Well can't say I have got off on a good note this morning the effects of yesterday have worn off now and I’m starting to feel it. For the first time in a long time I went up to bed in my lift in my powerchair rather than on my frame, felt a bit odd but felt a bit wobbly to say the least, mind you considering the amount of injections and work done yesterday I thought I might of gone into spasm but I managed well and no sign of any spasms which I thought way to go I must be improving. Hope to be feeling a bit better as the day goes on.

Well its lunch time and I'm starting to feel a bit hungry so going to see if I can manage some dinner. Well it's 20:12 and things seem to be ok have managed to eat both my dinner and tea only soft food mind hoping by tomorrow I will be ok not looking forward to going back to the dentist in a few weeks but hey I'll get over it just felt a bit sorry for myself over the weekend, but tomorrow is a brand new day and I'm looking forward to my physio.

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