18 February 2008

Great Physio

My Physio went great last week; I mentioned earlier that we were to work on a plan to allow me to get from the floor to a chair if I fell and this week I did it. I got from the floor to my chair for the first time in 4 years. I was lowered to the floor by the Physio's and there I was sitting on the floor, I seemed to cope reasonably well in sitting although I'm going to have to work on it. I then moved myself towards the wall where there was an aerobic step. I then proceeded to lift myself using my arms onto the step and sat there for a few minutes, while I got my breath back.We then had to work out how to get from the step onto a chair. I tried just using my arms but it was too higher lift for me. We then tried stool next to the step and I managed to lift myself easily onto it.

After having a bit of a rest, I then managed to lift myself onto the chair and before I knew it I had got myself from the floor for the first time. I then went onto do some walking practice with my crutches, which went really well and it seems to be getting a little easier every time, so it proves my confidence is growing.I then went onto one of the treatment beds and my Physio went to get a wobble cushion, which she knows I'm not keen on. Although this time instead of standing on it, I had to sit on it. Once I had my balance my Physio then went to get a ball and we started passing it to each other this was to check my balance and trunk movement.

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