24 February 2008

Memories of my stays with Di and Daniel

Well this was going to be great, in 2004 I had to undergo another operation, which you will or can read about earlier on, anyway when I came home Di said would you like to come and stay with us for a few days ? in the summer I of course jumped at the chance, although I said I might have a problem in the holidays because I knew I wasn't going to be mobile enough to be able to manage on my own, but would be great if I could come in the October holidays, and also I was worried about getting down there. I remember Di saying don't worry too much about that maybe we could come down and collect you and bring you back etc, I said great if you are sure, so it was agreed and I had time to work on getting mobile. I couldn't wait

The October holidays finally came and it was only a matter of hours before they arrived, this time Mum met them and brought them to our house, and Mum had done a load of sandwiches and cakes and things for dinner, when they were getting out of the van I noticed that Lauren was waiting for the lift, then I remember she had broke her leg and was sporting a pair of crutches and a bright red plaster. Everyone was in and getting some dinner before we all got in the van, I could see Daniel was pleased to see Mum again vocal as always.

As it was getting closer to us leaving I could see Mum was getting nervous as it was only the second time I had been away on my own, but Di re-assured her and we were off, Daniel laughing as I was clamped behind him in the van. we had been travelling a while but we got to Di's house about tea time, we off loaded and Di helped me in and then sorted Daniel out and let him on the sofa. We had a cup of tea and Di sorted some tea out for Daniel and then we all decided to have fish and chips. It was quite funny because as Di was feeding Daniel he wasn't that interested, after a bit I said do you want some fish and chips Daniel and he looked at me and smiled then stuck his tongue out which means yes!! So fish and chips we had including Daniel and he ate the lot.

Then we relaxed for a while and watched the TV and chatted then before it got too late Di took me to the hotel so that I could check in and sort myself out. I was interested to see what the access and room was like, and I have to say the room was really good, plenty of space and the bathroom was accessible with grab rails, Di helped me in the room and arranged to collect me in the morning to go back to there house.

I stayed with them for 4 days and it was great, although things took a turn for the worse and on the day I was coming home, I found out that Mum had took ill and was in hospital, Di came on the morning early so we could drive back, and she said don't we will drive you straight to the hospital rather than taking you home, I was so grateful for that you wouldn't believe

We finally got to the hospital and Mum was pleased too see me and suprised a little to see Di but realised that we had come straight there instead. After a while we said our goodbyes, not as we planed and I was a bit sad to say goodbye from there, as we had planned to go for something to eat before they went home.

No matter what I have been though Di and her family have been there and supporting me all the way and I will be forever grateful for that, like I say friends are for life

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