18 February 2008


Well its Chinese New Year and was leafing through OK magazine the other day and I came across some Chinese meal recipes that looked really nice and really easy to do for me that is I’m not that good a cook. Anyway I went shopping this week with Mum and we bought the Chicken and sherwoods sauces and the rice and then came home and had a go at doing Sweet and Sour Chicken, usually I either get it as a take away and or a ready meal. I'm not knocking ready meals because they serve a purpose when cooking is difficult but this time I thought I would have a go at cooking it with Mum.

Guess what it was really nice so now I think I'm getting the stir fry bug its coming to the end of my holiday and I’m back at work on Tuesday and I can't wait to see whets been happening. Anyway if you have been reading my blog recently you will have read about my new cooking venture. Let me tell you it's been great being able to cook a few things for my self ok they might only be basic but we all got to start somewhere. I feel now that my limitations are becoming less and I am physically able to do more ok it might take a little while to do it but I know feel I have better control of things and not too scared to try knowing that I cope more and that will only get better has the time goes on.So let’s see what have I been doing, well Mum and I did the Sweet and Sour Chicken as you know but this time I wanted to try it on my own. on Saturday I did some egg fried rice in the microwave and while that was going round I chopped up some bacon and fried it off, then sliced lots of mushrooms (that has always been hard for me, but I was able to do it without help but slowly) and threw them with the bacon and added some sweetcorn let them cook through. Then I poured some of the sweet and sour sauce I had saved into the pan and warmed it threw. Once the rice was done I them served it on the plate and it was really nice and better still that I had done it myself

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