18 February 2008

One year on

Well I know I have gone a couple of days over, but I have achieved my first full year on the 31st October 2007 without having a spasm, so not only was I celebrating my birthday, but it was like I was having another one!!!! and I am feeling good.

I also recently went to see my Consultant about my shoulder and that is fine it has recovered and thawed out and I am back to normal movement which is great, let me tell you I didn't cope well with the sling, I know its supposed to prevent you from moving and it would not of been so bad if it had been my left arm. Although it was my right and it stopped me from doing a lot of things, it was only after I had had it on for a couple of hours I realised just how disabled I had become, and I know you are probably thinking that "you are disabled" but I became disabled in the real sense of the word.

While I was there we discussed about the Dantrolene medication was going as we had decided to try without it. I have got to admit I was a bit worried at first and I do still carry it with me but have not needed to take it, and apart from feeling a little fuzzy headed for a couple of days I have been fine. I was suppressed just how long I had been off it as the last time I was there at the hospital was the 25 September.

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