23 February 2008

A second christmas

It was approaching Christmas and the friendship with Di and everyone had grew beyond my expectations and I decided that I wanted to sort out some Christmas pressies to send off so I went shopping to see what I could find that would go easily in the post, without too much damage and I settled on selection boxes because I knew they all liked chocolate and 3 baseball caps, anyway at the weekend I was packing it up and I get a phone call from Di to say is there a travel inn a bit closer to you than the one we stayed in I said yes why ? she replied because we want to come down and see you again, so I thought ah I can save the pressies for when they come, sort of a second Christmas so it was organised and the days were set, this time though they went to the travel in and checked in and came straight to my house without too much trouble, the minute they come into my house it was total excitement because we had our decorations up and they loved it Then I gave them there pressies which they also loved and I enjoyed them being here again, it was also coming up to Mum's birthday so it was pressies all the way around.

We went out for a meal and we went back to the room, but I didn't stay too long with them as they were a bit tired and we were going to be spending the day together tomorrow. They arrive about 10.30 the next morning and everyone off loaded from the van and came in this time we sorted the chairs pretty quick, just to make things awkward though, we all went in my computer room to play a few games and Di pushed Daniel though as he was in a big chair and I wasn't sure he was going to get through but he did and he enjoyed watching us playing on the computer. Then after lunch they had to get ready to go back home as they were going to a fancy dress new years eve party. Daniel was going to be dressed up as a pirate.

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