18 February 2008

I am a new person

I feel like I'm a new person, in the last few weeks I have started to feel a new person I know that might sound odd but I do you might of heard of the saying when I die I want to come back as... Well I feel as through I have done that so to speak. It is like I have been cocooned like a chrysalis and emerged as a butterfly i.e. someone new I have just found a sense of humour that I didn't know I had sort of been hiding and my real personality is coming through or a least a new personality is starting to break through the clouds I don't feel disabled anymore I feel totally different and my confidence has improved no end I feel that I am not battling with my life and wanting to be accepted as a person ( I know I am a person but you know what I mean ) in the huge world of work. My life has been a constant barrage or medical staff, therapy, surgery and proving people wrong that in fact if you let me try it I will show you that in fact I can do it just give me the chance and much more. Now I am being to break free and my life is just starting I don't seem half as tired these days because I don't have to battle anymore to prove my point and because I don't have to battle I can relax for once like everyone else does and see what life is like on the outside so to speak, ok I might look different but now I feel different in myself you will see a change you might not be able to pin point what it is but you will see it in time, you will see passed the disability, as far as I am concerned I don't have a disability if this life is what its like for everyone then I better pick up quickly and live my new life to the full

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