13 July 2008


Yarm is a small town in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees in North East England. It is on the south bank of the River Tees and for ceremonial purposes is in North Yorkshire. Yarm marked the end of the tidal section of the River Tees until the Tees Barrage was built in Stockton. The oldest part of the town around the high street is situated in a loop of the river, and the newer parts of the town extends to the point where the River Leven meets the River Tees.

The small town hall, situated in the high street was built in 1710 by Thomas Belasyse who was Lord of the Manor. In 2007, Yarm High Street was voted the best in Britain by viewers of the BBC's Breakfast Programme. The many Georgian-style old buildings, with their red pantile roofs, fronting the high street and its cobbled parking areas add to the visual appeal of the town.The A67, which runs through the High Street, was previously classified as the A19 until a new dual carriageway was built in the 1970s - this is about 3 miles to the south of the town near the village of Crathorne When the A19 ran through the High Street, the traffic was heavily congested and very busy.

I used to enjoy visiting Morgan's Tea Room with Mum, we used to go in and have a cup of tea and a strawberry tart, I love those. We used to walk full length and I would window shop if we couldn't get my chair in. My favourite pub is the Black Bull, as a treat we all used to go there once a week and have a meal on the evening, and I can remember havig a great 18th in there.

Judges Hotel in Yarm, is I have to say a lovely hotel, whether you are wanting to hold an event there, or book in as a visitor. I had the pleasure of going there last year as we held a Civic dinner there in honour of the 175th Anniversry of Durham University, we helped them celebrate this occassion at Judges and I think the setting was just perfect and although I had spent a long time with the University in the preparation if the event, I think it went really well, better than I could ever of expected if I am honest considering the VIP's at the event.

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