30 July 2008


I got to thinking about this word, integrity, and I realize I have stood behind myself, my words, and my beliefs as a human being, and, a person with Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability a hundred percent of the way- throughout my entire life I have believed in myself when others didn't. I proved myself even though other didn't think I could accomplish or achieve. I fought with my own, strong, morel conviction. Not bowing to others with wicket tongues. When I was called Mentally Retarded it hurt- of course it hurt! Very badly but I gathered my strength within myself, and I made those negative words and statements into positives with a shield and a sword that could fend of the worst of the worst.

I continue to think to myself... why is it that I am so pure, honest, direct, and sincere? Why is it that others can't see that within me. Why is it they cannot acknowledge this or praise me for this or help me in the little way I may need helping? I ask myself... why can't people handle my honesty?; Is it because the world is not that honest, and they are ONLY out for their own selfish self?

Tell me! Are we living in such a world where people only look out for their own good and do not really care about others, or helping others?

I hate to say this, but I do think so! Yes, there are a handful of us out there... who are willing to help others go the distance, and they open amazing doors for others... they give and share of themselves genuinely and completely. But that is not the norm in our Competitive world and society today. My belief has always been to help the next guy. So together we could live in peace and harmony and make a difference together. There is Always room for all of us to have a piece of the pie. There is always room to be happy and spread that happiness to others! But only if WE are willing to share these gifts with others and do not let our greed, our power, our suave abilities or ego's to get in the way of our usefulness.

I do not believe in using other's just to get ahead ourselves. I believe in all good things. I believe in the integrity of helping people to feel good about themselves I believe in the whole person, and in healing one's souls I believe in helping others feel good and worthy of themselves, body, mind, spirit and in heir thoughts and ideas. I believe in genuine kindness- and, I believe in living together in peace and harmony- walking side by side without judgment or fear.

Our world has to much hate and anger in it. It would be so sweet if we could dissolve it like an air balloon letting go of its fuel never to be ever again. I think if we all could contributed just a little, tiny bit every day, in some way, to bring a kind word or deed to others. Our world would start to mend and heal. We would not live in the chaotic way which we do. This act of sharing kindness to others would make a big difference in our society, and contribute to own integrity as a person, a state, a nation, and a universe all around.

My integrity has lasted me all my life, and it will continue, as I am going to keep it for ever more!

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