28 July 2008

I am Only One Person

Time and time again I think to myself how different this world is than when I was a child. How different it is since I was a young adult just starting on my journey. And how different life has changed and is today.

I am only one person, but it would be so nice to see people giving of themselves freely and unconditionally in a genuine way, or to see acts of kindness shared more often. I am only one person in this world we live in, and I will continue to make a difference in man kinds life in which ever way I can.

1 comment:

  1. That is a very positive thought, and also one that I have believed in.

    People I know are often amazed that I spend much of my time campaigning for something that I believe in, they used to look at me in awe just because I took some time to volunteer for a job.

    But I love doing all those campaigning and volunteering. I just wished that I could spend more time doing what I enjoy doing, but then again, somebody's gotta put food on my table! :)