25 July 2008

The Fight For What's Right

To often in my life, I have not been taken seriously. I have been looked down upon, and conveniently tossed aside because I was passionate about what I felt, and believed in, and how I wanted to expand my life. Down deep within me, I wanted to be accepted in this world and participate in life just like everyone else I wanted my thoughts and feeling to matter, and I wanted to be considered just like everyone else.

But I was belittled, made fun of, and ostracized, I have walked the line, gone the distance, and climbed hurtles that most might think are the unthinkable! I have stayed as positive and as strong as I could to survive and thrive amongst the rest! Some how, some way I had to and still have to make a difference in my life, to be the best person I can be, and give back to life and all man kind what I have learned...

If I have to fight the rest of my life to succeed, I will because there is no stopping, me!

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