27 July 2008

My Visit

It is the day after, and I visited my new homeopathic doctor. Had a consultation, and an acupuncture treatment. I was also given some homework assignments to do and tasks to perform. In addition, I was given some new guidelines and instructions as to what foods I aught to be eating now. To be honest with myself, after I came home and had dinner, I began to anguish and have a panic attack over it, but then I told myself...the doctor knows more than you! Your way has not worked, nor the latest way so be open-minded and try his that's when I began to calm down, and find peace and acceptance within my soul and being.

I have been reading and learning all kinds of new things. I am also more in tune and am listening even more closely to my life's note, issues, and events, as I let go of my past one at a time. No more of hanging on to certain ideas and old thoughts that hurt and wounded me Gone they are! As I believe in the birthright to live, love, renew my inner soul's intentions, rejuvenate my spirit and physical body, along with its simple beauties. I truly want to see and recognize my own glory, as I rebuild my physical body to health.

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