13 July 2008

Stockton has the widest High Street

The town's High Street is reputed to be the widest in England. and the town centre has undergone many developments in recent years including the Teesquay Millennium Bridge, the Queen's Campus of Durham University, several acres of office buildings erected along the south bank of the River Tees within the Teesdale development and Wellington Square a modern shopping arcade erected upon the old Wellington Street area of the town centre. At Castlegate Quay there is moored full size replica of Captain Cook's vessel, the Bark "Endeavour". In 1995, after 4 years in the building, the Tees Barrage was commissioned. A water sports centre, including White Water, is located there.

One of the most recent development was the re-launch of the "Queen of the North" market. to help launch the market Council commissioned a film which marks the celebration of the past, present and future of this traditional and thriving market.

Stockton Market Queen of the North

Looking ahead we get our first glimpse of the Teesquay Millenium Bridge, Stockton’s newest river crossing, a footbridge linking the Castlegate Centre of the High Street to Teesdale.


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