25 July 2008

Upon Reflection

Well what an interesting week I have had and a busy one at that, Town Centre Management is always busy no matter what time of year it is, although this year it seems particularly busy not only because of The Stockton International Riverside Festival starting next week, but the mad preparations for our Christmas festival. Now I know some of you might be thinking organising Christmas in July but you would be surprised how soon we have to start this. In fact no sooner does it finish at Christmas we start planning the next one, and we always aim to be bigger and better than the last. We also have our Farmers market again this month and I am hoping the weather we are having at the moment stays for next week, as I know it has been very popular.
I know I was talking to my manager and we were discussing how busy we were and she was saying that recently she was getting hope and thinking wow how do we manage to cope with being so busy, and I said, I am not sure, but some how we do manage it, then she said that she was thinking of me one particular night and thinking why am I moaning just look at Susie she does it, she copes so if she can cope then the rest of us should, “you are an example to us all” I was quite touched by this and at first I didn’t really think about it, but then during one of my reflective moments, I thought ah I have actually achieved one of my life goals in that one moment, what I mean is if I have moved and inspired someone to take a step back from life and see that no matter how hard it becomes there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, it proves that I have inspired someone to see that in life above all adversity, that you can take stock and carry on and find the solution to what’s facing you, you just have to step back everyone and then and re group.

That is a major thing that I have learnt in my life, that ok when you have the confidence you motor like a train and run with it, but in actual fact when you run with it, do you start to loose what you are aiming for. Here is an example of what I mean, this week I have had a break from my Bowen therapy and I have had an intense session with my own Physio, to see how I was progressing. I am glad I had this session because I seem to of had a lot of changes happen to my whole body alignment and gait pattern, and therefore we had to assess the changes and make some changes to things. Anyway I have got some work to do with my gait and positioning as I have some rotation, it seems that I am rotating when walking from my trunk, which needs correcting.

During the session going back to my confidence when I really think about what I am doing I have a really strong control and can virtually stop the rotation but once I get confidence and start running off with it I go back to my old ways and loose the control a little, when we did some work in the bars I had 2 Physio’s with me and that was because my Physio wanted to get me to understand the difference in position because with me I have to actually be moved into that position and then passively moved through it for me to understand it. Now when I talk about understanding I don’t mean when someone asks me to do something or asks a question and then says have I understood it, I mean for my brain to understand what is being asked to do eg is the brain allowing the movement signal to connect. Once this has happened you can physically see that my brain has connected it is quite an amazing thing to see, because I have gone from moving like I always have done, to moving in completely in a different way. This is why I have to regroup all the time so to speak so that I get the correct messages to allow me to move in a normal way, and allow me to achieve my fully potential.

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