13 July 2008

Queens Campus

I spent time here studying a Desktop Publishing course, which I really enjoyed, the staff where great and the campus was a great place to learn, and I am glad I had a chance to study there. Durting the course I learned all aspects of publishing and then we all had to create a final piece of work which went towards the final exam. I decided to produce a document all about Stockton would you believe. I did pass the exam and my grade for the exam and project was an "A"

I remember there was a special evening organised by the University for all of us to get presented with our certificates. I thoughly enjoyed that evening, not only because I had acheived but also because my family were over here from Canada and they came to the evening. I think they were proud and they also thought the building and settings were amazing. My Aunty is passionate about Stockton purely because she lived here for many years before moving to Canada. I know she loves to come back as much as she can, and we always send her things about the area

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